Taking The Ache Out Of Arthritis: These Tips Might Offer Relief

When my son saw me descending the home stairs backward he suggested that I move to a first-floor apartment. I did, and what a relief it was and is. I still find it less painful to walk down backward using the handrail, and even better to ride an elevator. For people who struggle with arthritis but have to work all day long, in order to reduce the painful, the best shoes for standing all day can be recommended. Besides, I will show you the list of my own experience. Hopefully, these tips can be helpful and fit your needs.

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* Walking and resting, tensing muscles and relaxing them, breathing deeply and exhaling fully are basic needs for better health.

* A short nap in the daytime (if your schedule allows) and a full night’s sleep are habits worth having.

* Swimming is usually better than jogging for most of us.

* It is better to make three trips from car to kitchen than to carry three bags of groceries at the same time.

* Short rests and a change of duties when working, relieve aches and pains.


* A hot bath or shower relaxes tense muscles, making mild exercise much easier, and even putting on stockings and shoes less complicated. It’s easier to trim toenails after soaking feet in hot water.

* Keep an extra bar of soap in the shower in case you drop one.

* To sit up in bed, lie on your back, bend your knees, lock your fingers under one knee, and straighten your legs so their weight will lift you to a sitting position.

* To stand, rest your weight on your knuckles rather than on fingers.

* When selecting a place to sit, choose a chair with arm rests when possible.

* When you shake hands, a full grip is much better than being careful about fingers.

* Keep a pad and pen by every telephone and on table or desk where you work.

Making List as Reminders

Save steps by making lists as reminders. Keep in a special spot.

* Buy your medicines at a store that has delivery service even if it costs a little more.

* Ask your pharmacist to put your prescription medicines in easy-open containers. Remember all lids unscrew by turning to the left.

* If you play golf, the putter becomes a sturdy cane for walking downhill — or even to use indoors.

* Discover all the gadgets and self-help products that are around to serve you — a long-handled shoe horn, a crane, elastic braces for knees, elbows and ankles, retrievers to pick up what you can’t reach.

* It’s easier to button shirt sleeves before you put on the garment — so you can use both hands. A buttoned to stretch the button holes is inexpensive and almost indispensable.

* A low stool is handy for trying shoes and slippers make shoe-tying unnecessary.

* Try to keep everything in drawers or on shelves so you won’t have to bend or reach.

arthritis shoe

* If your fingers tingle or your palms burn at night, it may be that you cut off circulation. Your doctor may prescribe a stiff “glove” with short fingers. It helps.

* If necessary, rest your weight on a chair, table or wall when you move about. It’s safer.

* Bend your knees instead of your back always.

* Sit straight with feet flat on the floor.

* Warm your gloves before you go out on a cold day.

* You may discover that foods with strong acid — tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, and vinegar aggravate your arthritis. It’s worth a test to know one way or the other.

* When you travel by air you may need a wheelchair from one part of the airport to another. Tell the agent when you order your ticket. There is no charge but a tip to the porter is in order.

* If writing is difficult, use the special long distance telephone rates — or a tape recorder.

* Get help to change light bulbs, clean the bathtub, scrub the kitchen floor. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you are able.

* Use VELCRO [TM] fasteners wherever you can.

Even if none of these fit your needs you may pass an idea on to someone else.

Jacob Grill is an expert in pain relief advice. You can come to his resource (nopainminute.com) to read more detailed tips, tricks and product reviews for your needs.

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